Recognize Bullying!

Oct 7, 2013 By Anita Ramachandran

October is bullying awareness month. Ask anybody what they feel about bullying and what do you hear? Nobody stands for it! So how come bullying still happens?

Bullying happens in many subtle ways that we may not even understand. Sometimes a so-called 'bully' does not even know that he is a bully. It is an act of aggression meant to hurt and usually happens when there is an imbalance of power - the bully is either bigger, superior in knowledge or desires to hurt another person who is weaker than him; or it could mean picking on somebody who is different either because of their color, size, accent, beliefs, etc. Further, bullies repeatedly use their power against the other.

Watch these two videos and try to identify which one is aggression and which one is not...

Bullying need not always be physical such as hitting, pushing around, stealing, or forcing people to do what they do not wish to. It could be verbal - teasing, insulting, refusing to talk to someone, spreading lies or rumors, or excluding someone from a group. These days with social media, bullying happens even in cyberspace. Being aware is important. Here are some examples of how and when bullying happens.

Remember bullying is NOT COOL. Also if you are being bullied or you find that somebody else is being bullied, recognize the elements. 

There are many ways you can help others as well as yourselves. 

  • Don't look at yourself through a bully's eyes. Arm yourself with self-esteem. It isn't your fault that a bully is picking on you.
  • Stay in crowds. Bullies usually attack when their victims are alone.
  • Ignoring a bully is a great strategy to avoid a sticky situation.
  • Always call for help from an adult. Never have to deal with a bullying situation all on your own.

Watch this video to get some great ideas....


evanv   1 year ago

I don't understand why people bully. It's so repulsive to here bullying happen.

Jon444   2 years ago

Great video

jasonc3   2 years ago


cat   2 years ago

I understand bullying because I was bullied once it is not right

srinidhi12   2 years ago

I ll use the advise

Olivia-Anna   2 years ago

I have been bullied before. It is terrible!!! Everybody who is being bullied should do EVERYTHING that last video said. Seriously.

Rafah   2 years ago

i will use this advise

bradenw   2 years ago

I think bullying should stop

Tressa   2 years ago

I think I'm a bully. :(

FuzzUzzle (not verified)   2 years ago

Why do you say that?

Tressa   2 years ago

Because. I go completely out of control when I'm mad. And I get mad easily, and very often.

FuzzUzzle (not verified)   2 years ago

It doesn't sound like you're a bully, it sounds like you have anger issues. My brother did, too - he used to punch holes in walls, break things, yell - but he's a lot better now.

Tressa   2 years ago

I agree, I think I do have anger issues, but the thing is, I do those things to people. I can't control myself, I punch, kick, and gouge my nails into them. And I'm really sorry I did it to them afterwards, but I just cant help it.
I tried getting a stress ball, but I squeeze it so hard it hurts my wrist.
It's just so frustrating sometimes. >:l

FuzzUzzle (not verified)   2 years ago

This is going to seem rude and nosy, because it is, but is anyone helping you with this? Do you think a punching bag would help?

And whatever you do, never play a Nancy Drew game! Haha :)

Tressa   2 years ago

If you have any other ideas though, feel free to tell me.

Tressa   2 years ago

Yeah, I get mad playing Mario Galaxy 2 sometimes!

Tressa   2 years ago

Not, really, I think everyone thinks I can help it, but most of the time I can't. My mom was going to see about this thing called tapping, supposedly you can tap certain parts of your body like your chin or shoulder or something, and theres certain nerves that can help calm you down or something. But we kind of forgot about it.
My brother had a punching bag, but every time I got mad and went downstairs to use it, he yelled at me "Don't use my stuff!"
My dad used to say to just leave and cool down for a little bit, but everytime I do that they say I'm pouting.
Nothing seems to work!

FuzzUzzle (not verified)   2 years ago

My mom and I did tapping a while ago, but I'm not sure if it worked for me or not.

Who's saying you're pouting? If taking time to cool off makes you feel better, then do it. Even if they think you're pouting. And maybe you could ask your parents for a punching bag of your own? It's too bad they're so expensive! I was going to buy one for myself a year or so ago.

I've also heard of people punching pillows or ripping up paper, but I don't know if that's as satisfying or not. If that makes sense.

Tressa   2 years ago

I was thinking about a punching bag too, but like you said, they are really expensive. My brothers broke too, which now I think is kind of funny, because I think it was an Everlast.
I've heard of punching pillows and ripping paper. I've tried punching a pillow before, I got mad with it and started whacking it against the wall and throwing it across the room.
I might try ripping paper. And, Yes, that made perfect sense.
Sometimes I try going on a bike ride or jog around my subdivision, but usually I'm not supposed to go alone, and most of the time I want to get away from my siblings, so that doesn't happen much.
And I can go almost anywhere in the house and my brother and sister will have to come up to me and tell me something. Usually something stupid, that they've already asked me a million other times. Even if I'm doing homework.

FuzzUzzle (not verified)   2 years ago

Why aren't you allowed to go alone? Going for a bike ride or walk when you feel angry seems like a great idea to me.

Maybe you could talk to your parents about not letting your siblings annoy you when you're not in the mood?

Tressa   2 years ago

I'm not really sure why I'm not allowed to go alone.

And, when I ask my parents to tell them not to bother me, they tell
them, but they bother me anyways. Most of the time they just come in
to make fun of me about drawing anime, or reading one of my favorite
series Erec Rex. And they always team up on me, three against one.

Thank you for helping me with this, it's nice just to tell someone about
it. ☺

FuzzUzzle (not verified)   2 years ago

(sorry for giving advice again) Maybe you could sit down with
your parents and honestly tell them about how your siblings
annoying you makes you feel?

Is safety a reason you can't go alone? Maybe angle for a phone
(if you don't already have one). If your parents are uncomfortable
with that, they have phones that only call parents or 911. Or you
could ask for a walkie-talkie :)

Also, I might get Alec Rex. Thanks! :)

Tressa   2 years ago

Don't be sorry, I was actually really hoping you'd respond
back again. :)
I don't know if telling them about it would help that much,
because I probably annoy them as much as they annoy me.
Also, I wouldn't know exactly what to say.

Yeah, safety is probably the reason. I really want a phone,
I'm trying to save up to buy one. But like you said I'm not
sure if they want me to have one yet.
We do have walkie-talkies, those are a good idea, so I could
try that, I always like experimenting to see how far we could
go and still understand what each others saying. We did that
a few times where one person would stay home and a few
people would bike a mile or two down the road and see how
far they would have to go until the connection is broken.

Erec Rex is one of my top five favorite series. I'm on
book four I think, It's called The Three Furies.

FuzzUzzle (not verified)   2 years ago

That's good :) Here's some more unsolicited advice,
haha. (please take it with a grain of salt)

If you feel comfortable doing it, I think talking to
your parents about what would help you would be good
- going for walks, taking karate, getting a punching bag,
getting your siblings to leave you alone, etc. I'm not sure
if you already said that's a bad idea?

By the way, how many books are in the series?

Tressa   2 years ago

Actually, one time I did win a free karate class, so we'll have to do that if it didn't expire. I'm not sure if it does expire though. Karate has always seemed fun to me, and I have a few friends that in it and they say its awesome.

I didn't say that was a bad idea, I just didn't know exactly what to say. I think I'm getting a little bit better with it though. Compared to a few years ago that is. :)

I saw an interview with the Author, Kaza Kingsley, and she said there would be 8 books altogether, and she has them all planned out.
So far she has (that I know of, I looked it up on the library website) The Dragon's Eye, The Monsters of Otherness, The Search For Truth, The Three furies, and The Secrets of Ashona.

evenstar13   2 years ago

aw, don't say such things!

Tressa   2 years ago

But I think I am, I can be REALLY mean. I throw and kick things, I scream, one time I kneed the wall and put a hole in it. But most of the time, I can't even control myself. :(

Lilly1234567   2 years ago

This is an amazing video, and its so sad for all of the kids who have to go through this. Then they end up completely doubting themselves as an adult and may carry traits or words that a bully or person may have told them. Like, "You'll never accomplish anything" or, "Your a weirdo" and its really sad when they let those false words get to them through there entire life, and it completely ruins who they really are. :( That's why i'm glad that there are people who recognize this and try to help and spread awareness to everyone, to try to prevent the cause of bullying and more suffering hearts in the world. And, they made this video super fun so you could get it stuck in your mind, and that is very helpful as well. :)

hannahr2   2 years ago


Editor   2 years ago

Sorry to hear you have been through it Hannah. It is wonderful to see you ask others to stand up as well! We love seeing such comments :)

The message we want to get across through this article is also that EACH and EVERY child is special, and has a unique talent. There is a piece of God in each of us and anyone who is bullied should not think they are any less.

Also strangely, bad things happen to those who do bad -- it is called the "circle of life" and people realize it only when they become adults and by then, it is too late.. 

cat   2 years ago

that makes it better for me
now I can get through the day

evenstar13   2 years ago

thank you!
I love the way you explained, there is a piece of God in us, and it made me feel so special and wanted.

hunterp3   2 years ago

bullying is bad

justins3   2 years ago

i feel sad when i see people getting bullied

evenstar13   2 years ago


marian winslow   2 years ago

Did anybody else catch that in the last video Zelda is shown quickly at exactly second #36?

Tressa   2 years ago

I did!

graceb3   2 years ago

I totaly agree

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