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Youngzine is now offering its latest news feeds in both RSS and Widget formats, that allows you to subscribe to automatic updates of headlines. The feeds are free of charge to use for individuals and organizations for both commercial and non-commercial use. Attribution included in each feed is required (Link to Youngzine)

Bloggers & Web Sites: You can include Youngzine headlines on your web site, that update automatically using your favorite blogging or web site software. You can either copy/paste the code for one of our Headline widgets, or use your favorite software to incorporate our RSS feeds.

Individuals: You can subscribe to news headlines from Youngzine using an RSS reader (copy/paste one or more of the URLs below), or add Youngzine headlines to your iGoogle or My Yahoo! pages by clicking on the links below.

RSS Feeds

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Widgets for Blogs and Web Sites

If you own a blog or a web site, and would like to include "News for the young" headlines automatically on your pages, all you have to do is copy/paste the code on our Widgetbox widget page. And voila, you'll have a cool widget like this on your page - a great way to engage your audience. You can customize this widget in many ways - change its colors, make it wider, and so on!