Debate: Should students be required to wear uniforms at school?

Some schools require uniforms and some don't. Choose your position as "Yes" or "No" - don't argue both sides!


Mangle4Life4   37 weeks ago

I think that uniforms are bad because you can't express yourself and you cant be unique!Though Uniforms can be good so you can focus but i mainly go for any of them

lovebug   14 weeks ago

I thank that to because I am a wildcat and are school thinks that you should be able to express your self so I don't think its fare..... AT ALL.............

Janiqua (not verified)   2 years ago

Yeah, I think they shouldn't, because kids they would wanna wear what they wanna wear, because they're probably gonna get tired of wearing the same uniforms every day, week, or year. So think NO they shouldn't wear uniforms.

Lasia_Pooh (not verified)   3 years ago

yes, i think that students should be allowed to wear any thing they want to school.

maaaaat (not verified)   3 years ago

Uniforms should not be allowed

tala1   3 years ago

im with u yeah

lovebug (not verified)   3 years ago

no kidding

pineapplebrains (not verified)   3 years ago

Yes, us students should wear uniforms with an acception of free dress on friday.

skyguy173 (not verified)   3 years ago


supergleek (not verified)   3 years ago

i don't think there should be uniforms because everyone has an indivual style they should be allowed to express

Kid (not verified)   3 years ago

what are we here for expressing your self or school hmm?

fungirl (not verified)   3 years ago

we should have uniforms even though they look really ugly and uncomfortable i can't stand getting up an hour early to pick out one outfit

Sunshie33 (not verified)   3 years ago

Yes, it will increase students self-esteem, improve behavior, invcrease school spirit, improve learning, promote a sense of teamwork, decrease the influence of gangs, save families time and money, mask the income difference between families and help administrators identify outsiders. Right? So i say yes to school uniforms.

awesomefun75 (not verified)   3 years ago

uniforms suck

Victoria Curcio (not verified)   3 years ago

i agree with u and everybody else that think they r suckish

manskh (not verified)   3 years ago

i am with jackie

Rachel Catherine   4 years ago

I'm neutral on this topic. Still, it has been proven that schools that enforce uniforms do better than ones that don't.

JENNAH H_C   4 years ago

I am on both sides :P

No! They get to wear what they want to wear. They could just change quickly and get to school, faster than having to find clean uniform, which sometimes may take forever.

I personally don't like uniform, like Meagan, but it is good so it keeps school appropriate in what they are wearing.

Yes! Some kids get jealous of what others' clothing is and may start rumors like 'They are so spoiled.' when they do not wear uniform. I think that a good policy for a public school is 'No shorts shorter than six inches.' which is the same policy as my brothers' High School.

They both are like a tie, but I think neither are the best. I like the schools where we do not have uniform, but there are specific rules regarding what to wear.

greensalmon   4 years ago

No because then what happens if the school wants pajama day?

lizbeth (not verified)   4 years ago

no i dont like uniforms because i cant show off my pink aeropostale sweater (jk jk [=)

faithsudi   3 years ago

it doesn't matter what u look like your in school to learn not to show off.

Victoria Curcio (not verified)   3 years ago

she can show off if she wants to

Lilly 0987654321 (not verified)   4 years ago

no, children should be able to dress free

jojo (not verified)   4 years ago

no because you would have to run on the track sweating with a uniform

katniss.e. (not verified)   3 years ago

Well, they would have gym clothes. That would be preposterous to wear a uniform in gym or anything- believe it or not, the school corporations aren't that stupid. :/

nene (not verified)   4 years ago

u can always change after school

laney (not verified)   5 years ago

i say NOOOO because uniforms r noooo fun. and how are we gonna be able to find friends if we all look alike. i cant imagine this HORROR. school is bad enough and uniforms just make it completly WORSE

nene (not verified)   4 years ago

its not about your friends its about your education. the same friends you are with now you probably not going to be with them in high school or college, so its better you start now solo

Victoria Curcio (not verified)   3 years ago

some friends hair looks the same so i agree with her.

felipef   5 years ago

no because you would want to express what you are wearing

diamond   5 years ago

I think that we should not wear school uniforms only because we have the right to choose ourselves. uniforms do not let us be the person that we want to be .

laney (not verified)   5 years ago

yoooo out of everyone elses urs izzz the BEST i luv wha u wrote nd we dooo have the the right to choose ourselves soooo keep up the good work!!!!! :) by LANEY

akilas   5 years ago

no . because we kids should express our personality by the what we wear . we should have our own choice.

BillyBobJoe2   5 years ago

School uniforms are good and bad. School uniforms can limit one's expressions, especially with guys, because they really don't have anything to express their personalities. However, if you wear a uniform, it is like a name tag saying which school you go to. That could be useful if one gets lost on a field trip. Uniforms can be bad because they lower test grades. It has been scientifically proven that uniforms lower test grades. Finally, uniforms are bad because they make a student have to live up to the reputation of that particular school. For example, if someone goes to a really good school, and someone else sees their uniform and recognizes the symbol of that really good school, the student will be pressured because he will have to live up to that school's reputation.

Tessa   5 years ago

I homeschool anyway, but i think NO UNIFORMS

brandonr   5 years ago

no students should not have to wear uniforms that would look dumb

ello (not verified)   3 years ago

i hate uniorms for pe and dont want to look dumd

coltons   5 years ago

no school shouldnt get uniforms

Pepperpepsi7   5 years ago

definite no to uniforms. If you cant dress how you want then nobody can see what your personality is. if everyone wears the same things it makes school even more of a drag.Plus in the morning lets say its cold and you feel sick then you will want to wear warm and comfy clothes. My point is that clothes are a way of expression and uniforms take all that fun of picking out your outfit in the morning and just throw it away.

pbeams   5 years ago

A definate yes to uniforms. I agree with all of those who have already posted that it makes our schools appropriate and can also help with discipline issues.

alyssah   5 years ago

i would say a definite no!

Kimmie   5 years ago

i'm not sure. i know i am not supposed to argue both sides. It does make sense so u don't get teased about ur clothes. but sometimes they get expensive and maybe on the way home from schoool if u walk u might get teased because of the school u go to and about ur uniform and some times they are uncomfortable

Abigail12   5 years ago

Yes, that way if you have less money than someone they can't say, "Ugh, I hate what your wearing!"

Genna   5 years ago

it seems that the boys are mostly against them, and most of the girls are for them.

mugglepuppy   5 years ago

I don't like the idea of uniforms. I along with many others would not get to express their individuality. Our own unique styles should not be changed. IF YOU AGREE NOT TO HAVE UNIFORMS SPEAK ALOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria Curcio (not verified)   3 years ago


Kimmie   5 years ago

i agree with u - as long as it is not too inappropriate. Individuality makes u u.

Meagan   5 years ago

I personally don't like uniforms, but my opinion is that it keeps the schools appropriate. I think that if schools want uniforms, okay because at least everybody will be dressed right. Doesn't anyone agree?

Zohar   5 years ago

I definitely agree with Jacki. I am pro-uniform.

Armaan   5 years ago

No. Did you see the clip of the Chicago person getting fired for wearing a Packer's tie? That is almost as bad as not letting people dress the way they want.

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