Hardy Boys: The Haunted Fort

Mar 30, 2012 By Shizah, 10
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This time I present the story of one of the “HARDY BOYS” series which is titled “THE HAUNTED FORT”. The main characters in this book (series) are Joe and Frank and their good friend, Chet Morton.

It was a normal day where the Hardy’s lived until they got a call from their friend, Chet. He informed them that there had been some thefts at his uncle’s Art School, that some paintings had been stolen. The Hardy’s loved mysteries and would never ever say no to any call of investigation. Chet also told them about thefts of an old fort. He said its photos are displayed in the museum . So they went off with their friend. At the museum there was another theft! They chased the thieve but he ran out of sight.

When they reached Chet’s uncle’s house, he told them all about the thefts that had taken place before they arrived. The two brother’s fell in deep wonder that night. All the time thinking about who wanted to steal some paintings. The next day they went to the fort they were told about. It was a very mysterious place. Weeks passed and the three boys had many mysterious adventures; being called by the mayor in the case of the thefts of paintings, the fantastic fire caused at the exhibition of the Art School, the meeting with the selfish man with one of the paintings of the fort, the ferryman and the treacherous threats caused by the fort and the strange monster of the lake. They were not a bit scared of anything.

Then one day another painting was stolen and the robber also hit Joe hardly on the head. It was the same thief who stole the rest of the pictures! He went to the fort that night and the boys followed him quietly. When they approached at the fort, the men captured them! It was an ambush! And they had come at the same time when the boys discovered an old treasure!

The men were masked and the boys could not see their faces.

The boys had many suspects now as mentioned above in their adventures! The ferryman, the old man who has one of the paintings of the fort, the weird gloomy man who lived on the small patch of land or an island you can say and a student from the Art School.

Now it's up to the Hardy Boys to find out who it is and it's up to you to read and figure out the mystery....... Now all I have to say is that this series rocks and you should definitely read this book and all the other books available to you. Thanks for reading!