The Life Of Edgar Allen Poe

Jun 27, 2011 By Ryan, 10
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Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston in the year 1809. Elizabeth Poe, Edgar's mother, had passed away when Edgar was only two years old. The time Edgar's mom died was about the same time David, Edgar's father, disappeared mysteriously. From age 6 to 11, Edgar went to border school in England with the Allans.

After finishing the school in Richmond, Edgar came back to the United States where he attended the University of Virginia. Edgar then traveled to the city of Boston where he had his set of poems published and joined the army. John Allen quickly re-married after his wife died; Edgar then lost hope in his father and left the army because he thought it was an insufficient career for a man with little purpose.

After Edgar left the army he found himself in deep poverty. In the year 1831, Edgar Allen published a new set of poems. Edgar spent the next four years with his aunt, Maria and Virginia. During this sad time, Edgar wrote and sold many strange tales and stories. Edgar found that when he helped a journal, it flourished under his direction. In 1837 Edgar and Virginia got married; they then moved to New York and then to Philadelphia.

During this year's Edgar enjoyed his life while writing. Then in 1844, they moved back to New York where Edgar owned his own journal for a short time. In the year 1847 Virginia tragically died due to tuberculosis. Following his wife's death Edgar declined and in 1849, he traveled back to Richmond. After a short while Edgar attempted to make it back to New York but, died in Baltimore because of delirium and he was buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery by his grandfather.

We see Edgar Allan Poe's greatest influence in the murder mystery. We see this in the story "Murder in the Rue Morgue". Edgar is also famous for his horror tales or "arabesques" as he would call the tales.