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Rachel Catherine   16 weeks ago  on  The Amazing Praying Mantis

This is a great article, Norbu! Praying mantises have always creeped me out, but they are definitely amazing creatures.

Rachel Catherine   16 weeks ago  on  Hidden Waters In Earth's Core

This is a wonderful article Sofia! And this is great news!

Rachel Catherine   16 weeks ago  on  A Plan To Save The Bees

Aaditi, this was an awesome article. Whole Foods is one of my family's favorite stores, so I have seen their campaign to save the bees. It was a great idea to put a link for some way we can all help. I will definitely be checking those out! :)

Rachel Catherine   16 weeks ago  on  Animate Like Pixar!

Fascinating! I LOVE Pixar movies, so this was a really cool article. Well-written too, Radhika! :)

Rachel Catherine   16 weeks ago  on  Artificial Skin Grown In Lab

This discovery seems like it could be live-saving! The things we can learn and make through science are unbelievable. Fantastic article, Arbaaz. I look forward to reading more of your articles. :)

Rachel Catherine   16 weeks ago  on  The Magic Of Kevlar

Good job, Laila! I loved the way you used analogies to make this topic easier to understand. Mrs. Kwolek was an incredible woman, and science was lucky to have her enter their field.

Rachel Catherine   16 weeks ago  on  Mysterious Signals From Space

Wow! This is an incredibly well-written article. I will admit that science is not my strong subject, but his article was extremely informative and easy to understand.

Rachel Catherine   16 weeks ago  on  See Ex-President Bush Celebrates His 90th!

Happy Birthday Mr. Bush! :)

Rachel Catherine   16 weeks ago  on  A New Crisis In Iraq

It is unfortunate that there is so much conflict in the Middle East. I hope the U.S. will find a way to balance protecting American defense interests, as well as facilitating world peace.

Rachel Catherine   16 weeks ago  on  Remembering World War I

An easy way to remember the main causes of WWI is
M.ilitarism (countries were building up their militaries)
A.lliances (many countries formed alliances, so when one country was attacked, their allies jumped in, leading to such a widespread war)
I.mperialism (countries, namely Germany, were expanding their borders and conquering other nations)
N.ationalism (the sense of nationalism, or pride in one's country contributed greatly to imperialism and militarism, worsening the war)

Rachel Catherine   16 weeks ago  on  Remembering World War I

You are a very good writer, Vatsal. I took AP U.S. History in school this year, and you know more about this topic than some of my classmates! I can't wait to read your next article. :)

Rachel Catherine   16 weeks ago  on  Rights For Canada's First Nations

I think this ruling is an extremely wise one of the part of the Canadian Supreme Court. When the Europeans came into the "New World," they cruelly pushed Native Americans out of their land. It is sad that it has taken this long for us to realize the wrongs we did, but it is hopeful that we are trying to return what is rightfully the Native Americans. I live in New Mexico, so cases like this are really important to me.