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Rachel Catherine   48 weeks ago  on  The Israel-Gaza Crisis Deepens

Wonderful article, Norbu. This is a complicated subject, and you organized your information in a way that made this article very easy to understand. Let's hope that in the near future this conflict will come to an end once and for all.

Rachel Catherine   48 weeks ago  on  A Tragedy In Mid-Air

This is an excellent article, Akila. I wrote a News Bite about this same topic last week and I still learned a lot from your article. This was a horrible tragedy and I hope that the victims' bodies are returned home to their families with dignity.

Rachel Catherine   48 weeks ago  on  Introducing 2014 Summer Editors

It's so nice to get to know a little bit about all of you. I have been keeping up with all of your articles the best I can, and I am super impressed! You have all written such wonderful articles that are both informative and interesting. Keep up the amazing work! :)

Rachel Catherine   48 weeks ago  on  July 25: Happy Birthday, Prince George

Your little sister sounds like an adorable baby and she must be super lucky to have you as an older sister! :)

Rachel Catherine   49 weeks ago  on  A July 4th Story

Thank you so much. I really needed to hear something so supportive today. I can not even express to you how much this means to me.

Rachel Catherine   50 weeks ago  on  A July 4th Story

Haha thank you. :)

Let's just say I had way too much time on my hands. :P

Rachel Catherine   50 weeks ago  on  A July 4th Story

Thanks! I'm horrible at rhyming so this took me awhile... :P

Rachel Catherine   50 weeks ago  on  I Am Phillis Wheatley

Great job, Emily. This is a wonderful mini-biography of an amazing woman. I look forward to see more of your work! :)

Rachel Catherine   50 weeks ago  on  A Few Short Poems

These are all such beautiful poems. You all are definitely on you way to greatness! Keep writing, and I can't wait to see some more of your work! :)

Rachel Catherine   51 weeks ago  on  A July 4th Story

Uncle Bob, and Aunt Jane
Uncle John who's insane
Uncle Joe and Aunt Daisy
Cousin Sarah...who's kinda crazy
Aly and Jack and my friend Danny
Kara and Bill and even granny
All came over to celebrate
A very historic and important date.

With fireworks, food, and family fun
We laughed, and ate til the night was done.
Then Bob and Jane and John and Sarah,
Aly, Jack, Daisy, and Kara,
Bill and Danny
Daisy and Granny
All packed up to head back to Kentucky
But just as the group started to leave,
I witnessed a great catastrophe!
It started when Uncle John slipped on a banana peel
And fell into the wagon with the wobbly wheel
He ran into Sarah
He ran into Kara
Then he took down granny who pulled in poor Danny!
The wagon and its passengers started to roll
They were headed straight for the flag pole!
They screamed and they hollered as we looked on with wonder
And the sky clouded over and rumbled with thunder
The wagon hit the flag pole, and the people fell out
It’s gonna fall over! I heard Uncle Joe shout
The flag pole wobbled, it swayed, and it tipped
Til it toppled right over into mom’s fresh bean dip.
We all stood their shocked, at the mess we had made
As the rain came down all over us, in ginormous cascades.
So that is the story of my Fourth of July
It was full of excitement, oh my, my, my, my!

Rachel Catherine   51 weeks ago  on  U Chat|r

Yes, I've seen both movies. I love them! :)

Rachel Catherine   51 weeks ago  on  July 4: Happy Independence Day America!

I am a little bit late, but I always like to take time to recognize the immense courage of our men and women serving overseas. Thank you so much for sacrificing so much to protect our freedom.