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Ryan_3   5 years ago  on  U Joke

(Crap is dog poop)

Ryan_3   5 years ago  on  U Joke

No it means your flying a plane and you're about to crash ON the 1st day of May. LOL

Ryan_3   5 years ago  on  Xbox 360: Best Gaming Console!

Yes but, read about the Kinect its alot better. Trust me I have 2 wiis and a Kinect

Ryan_3   5 years ago  on  U Joke

Once there was a Chinese guy, a Mexican dude and an African American guy. They were having a race around the world on camels. The Chinese guy got around in 5 days. The African American dude got around in 5 hours and the Mexican guy got around in 1 second. The Chinese guy asked the Mexican guy how he got around the world so fast. The Mexican dude answered "Me Go Up Camel's Butt, Camel Go BOOM, Me Go ZOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan_3   5 years ago  on  U Joke

God came down to earth and gave 3 men each a single wish. The first man wished to fly so he instantly grew wings. The second man wanted to be able to run at the speed of light so he got the super run power. The third man was in a forest and he tripped over a tree stump and yelled "Crap!" and then turned into a mound of crap. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan_3   5 years ago  on  U Joke

Me too, it took me like 5 seconds.

Ryan_3   5 years ago  on  Crash Bandicoot Game

I know a mega glitch for mario. you basically get 3000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 lives.and you get to lvl 4000 lol.

Ryan_3   5 years ago  on  Haiti's 'Singer' President Sworn In

Exactly he is like yelling into the microphone gosh he must want to be the loudest person on earth, lol.

Ryan_3   5 years ago  on  A Floating Island Of Garbage

Yes that is even worse, how could you think of that man?

Ryan_3   5 years ago  on  The 39 Clues: The Viper's Nest

I used to like 39 clues until it got boring.

Ryan_3   5 years ago  on  Xbox 360: Best Gaming Console!

Wow, I wasn't talking about a psp or ps3. How do you even play the ps3 the company got hacked so the ps3 has been down for a long while.

Ryan_3   5 years ago  on  Crazy Taxi

I love it I got past lvl 100 thats the last lvl but then theres a bonus round were you get to choose where cars go basically you get to make your own map.