Mango, The Surfing Dog

Nov 20, 2011
lucasc3   1 year ago


graceb3   2 years ago

that is so cool i wish my dog could do htat.

aftynk   2 years ago

Wow. That is so cool. I wish i could teach my dog to do that. That would be so cool.

OliviaAnna   2 years ago


alexa2   3 years ago

that is cool

jacie   3 years ago


tristanj   3 years ago

So cool

matthewd   4 years ago

mangos a beast!

leahg2   4 years ago

Mango rocks!

colea   4 years ago


breannav   4 years ago

Mango is so awesome. There was so many puns in the video

emmar   4 years ago

this dog is awesome! GO MANGO!

joej2   4 years ago

awesome, cute, and funny, go Mango!!!!

madelinem   4 years ago

wow that is a really cool dog!!! AND BRAVE!!

maurah   4 years ago

That is so cool!! I wish my dog was that talented!

peytonh   4 years ago

O my gosh that is so cute!! I wish my dog could get surfing lessons to be able to do that.

hannahj   4 years ago

Hahahaha! i wish my dog could do that !

mp4753   4 years ago

AWESOME! i don't see how that dog can stay on the board and keep it's balance! Another thing I'm confused about is why he likes it!

Kobe   4 years ago

Hmm it is kind of weird that a dog surfs. :)

greensalmon   4 years ago

Wow, that's so cool! Just Mango wasn't the only one on the board. If it was only Mango on the board, I would be very impressed!

alecr   4 years ago

In the article/video of Mango, The Surfing Dog. This dog is absolutely amazing. I find it interesting how the dog can keep his balance on the surf board and not decide to just jump off at any time. You can notice this dog was born to surf and be in water. You find that most Labrador's love being in water.

jakep2   4 years ago

I agree Mango is amazing! I do also find it amazing about everything!

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