A $50 Error!

May 24, 2019 By iridescent
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In October 2018, Australia released its newly-designed A$50 note (around $34 USD) to the public.

Australia is well-known for making sure its currency is resistant to counterfeiting, and the new bill included a plethora of unique features: color-changing and image-changing designs that can be discovered through tilting its surface. But this time, the note included an error as well!

Most currencies go through an inspection system before being released to the public. Despite these regulations, the A$50 note was recently found to have a typo in the fine print (a passage from a speech by Edith Cowan, the first female in Australia's Parliament and the woman featured on the note). The word “responsibility” is missing an “i,” and printed as “responsibilty” on approximately 46 million of these notes.

Six months after its release, someone found the typo and posted it on social media, where it blew up and was subsequently brought to the attention of the government. The government says that the error will be rectified in the next printing, and as of now, these previously-printed notes will stay in circulation.

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