U.K Welcomes New Royal Baby

May 16, 2019 By mehekk
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Last week, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex gave birth to their first child, a baby boy named Archibald.

Young Archie is making a huge splash across the media as one of the first multiracial children in the royal family, and the only one to have American and British ancestry.

Prince Harry and Meghan are surprising many people by creating some of their own traditions with Archie. His full name is Archibald Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. However, his nickname Archie, meaning ‘true and bold’ is unique- it has never previously been a name used in the royal family. His middle name Harrison is a tribute to his father though as the name Harrison means ‘son of Harry’.

Although he is eighth in line for the throne, baby Archie is not a prince- he received the Mountbatten-Windsor surname as all males of the royal family with no titles do. However, this could change if his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II chooses to give him a title or if he inherits his father’s.

Meghan and Harry are also breaking traditions in Archie’s upbringing- they plan to try and keep his life as close to a normal one as possible, beginning with breaking the standing tradition of allowing photographers outside the hospital immediately after his birth so they could celebrate in private. An anonymous source close to the family claim that Meghan and Harry would like Archie to remain as much of a private citizen as possible, as compared to his cousins, who are often in the media.

Source: BBC