Typhoons, Cyclones, Hurricanes. All three of these words describe the same - furious tropical storms that impact the coastal regions of our world. When the winds in a stor...
Oct 19, 2014     8 Comments
Imagine life without internet - not being able to chat with your friends, play online games, or look up information for your homework or research project. That is the real...
Oct 19, 2014     17 Comments
Finding messages in a bottle, digging out buried boxes with goodies from the past - they all intrigue us. Like time machines, they tell us stories from a long time ago. No...
Oct 19, 2014     6 Comments
[Editor's Note: India celebrates Diwali on Thursday, Oct 23rd this year. We bring back this article from last year] India came alive last weekend to the brilliant glow...
Nov 4, 2013     15 Comments
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basimm   12 hours ago
Where Is Kim Jong-un?
wow that's scary what happend to him? when were the pictures taken? will they find him? so much questions but no answers. so suspensful. wonder what ...

edwardy2   15 hours ago
Nobel In Medicine: Our Brain's GPS
I love it how the rat's brain cells are activated when rat's are in a corner and it's super interesting I wish I could've been there to see the ...

juliana1234567   17 hours ago
Why I Love Minecraft

I'm cool   17 hours ago
WiFi From The Sky
So you could like not use the internet but you would still get it. Awsome.