Our earth is blessed with resources to sustain life. Unfortunately, these resources are limited. The explosion in human population and the demand for these vital resources...
Mar 23, 2015     3 Comments
On St. Patrick's Day last week, the skies threw up a spectacular display of green and red as well in Northern parts of the U.S, Canada and Europe. Residents in the U.S...
Mar 23, 2015     5 Comments
Locals in the region would speak of an undiscovered city, deep inside the Mosquitia jungle in Honduras. A city with white walls that they called "La Ciudad Blanca."...
Mar 23, 2015     3 Comments
Does your country have a national bird and do you know what it is? Many countries have an official bird designated as their national bird, but there are several nations that don&rsquo...
Mar 23, 2015     3 Comments
haydenb2   1 day ago
Soon To Come - Mario On Mobiles!
I love video games!!!!

aston   2 days ago
The Fabled 'White City' Discovered
That is a little creepy but awesome!

Tryn28   2 days ago
Blending Like A Chameleon
I'm so glad they figured this out. many technological advances could be made by copying this design

Jacqueline0704   2 days ago
Apple Watch: Making Fitness Fun!
That's cool but now people have even more of a reason to not be paying attention to what's going on. I totally agree that it's an amazing work of ...