They put their lives at risk, serving on the forefront of a war on a deadly disease. Some became victims themselves, while others narrowly survived. Had it not been for th...
Dec 15, 2014     8 Comments
They buzz annoyingly in your ear and quietly feast on human blood in the stealth of night. Being small it can be difficult to spot them. We are talking about the insignifi...
Dec 15, 2014     6 Comments
Long before technology connected diverse people and cultures, there was the Silk Road. Connecting the Roman empire with China from 130 BC to 1450 AD, were a network of roa...
Dec 16, 2014     5 Comments
"O Christmas Tree! How Richly God Has Decked Thee..." are words from a traditional German Carol. From the White House to the Rockefeller Center, and shops, resta...
Dec 15, 2014     10 Comments
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AdrienneRae   22 hours ago
Geminids: A Treat For Stargazers
The picture looks like the star's are falling out of the sky, it looks really pretty.

El-Miracle Akpan   22 hours ago
Bhopal: Thirty Years On...
Oh no!!!How horrible!!

Tryn28   22 hours ago
U.S Struggles With Race Relations
I am not racist. but from what I have seen, most african-americans live in worse neighborhoods and can be more violent

tyf2   23 hours ago
The 2014 TIME Person Of The Year ...
i hope they get a Ebola cure soon