The word 'Ebola' has become a household name in the U.S and other Western nations.  Eric Duncan, who was visiting his family in Dallas from Liberia, became th...
Oct 27, 2014     33 Comments
The thought of Math can be distressing for some, with complex equations sending them into a tizzy! Now, imagine an app that can automatically solve those nasty math equations fo...
Oct 27, 2014     10 Comments
Imagine scuba diving to the darkest depths of our ocean. Scattered along the ocean floor are huge rock formations.   Did you know that these enormous rock formations...
Oct 27, 2014     11 Comments
It is that time of year when kids dress up in costumes, arrive at your doorstep for candy, screaming “Trick-Or-Treat!” Mountains of candy, carved pumpkins, cos...
Oct 28, 2014     26 Comments
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Aditya08   6 hours ago
The Basketmakers Of Arizona
Wow! That's cool that the archeologists found an ancient civilization!

nishiths   8 hours ago
PhotoMath: Math Made Too Easy?
People can cheat using this app.

FuzzUzzle   13 hours ago
Halloween - A Candy Fest!
"Gut rot"? Nothing bad will happen to you long-term if you binge one day a year, especially if you're healthy.

andrewa3   13 hours ago
Those Methane Munching Microbes!