The seaside resort of Antalya in Turkey was the center of a powerful gathering. World leaders from twenty countries attended the 10th annual G20 Summit.  The G20 is a Group of Twenty nations ...
Nov 23, 2015     1 Comments
Assembling the last parts of the World Record crystal model The venue is Vienna’s city hall. The object is a 3 meters tall 3-D crystal structure made of 10 kms of sticks and 40000 little ...
Nov 22, 2015     2 Comments
cc Univ of Boulder In 1976, local construction work at El Salvador unearthed some buried buildings. Hardly anyone took notice. But it did catch the attention of a few archeologists from the ...
Nov 22, 2015     3 Comments
Shoppers rush at midnight to get the best deals The shopping season officially kicks off on Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, in the United States and many other parts of the world....
Nov 22, 2015     2 Comments
By Sruthi, 11 Years
By Sruthi, 11 Years
By Flash, 13
By Lauren, Age Unknown
sammy138   1 day ago
Rediscovering An Ancient Mayan ...
sad to have the priests murdered

Anita R   4 days ago
Mysterious Symbols In Kazhakstan
Srinel478, thanks for pointing out the spelling error. We have fixed it.

Tryn28   5 days ago
G20: Putin In The Spotlight
ISIS is the enemy to deal with, but we should not back down on the crimea issue, that peninsula is rightfully ukraine's

R2D2   6 days ago
Black Friday: Early Birds Go Crazy!
I never New how high sales were.