cc PBS “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal...” –The Declaration of Independence September 22 1862 : The day the Emancipation ...
Jun 30, 2015     5 Comments
For years, scientists have been intrigued by lunar swirls – bright curls extending many hundred miles across the surface of the Moon. They were rather like the white swirls created by freshly ...
Jun 18, 2015     5 Comments
The delicate monarch butterfly is a marvel of nature. Admired for its beauty and endurance, its migration is considered to be one the most colorful in the natural world....
Jun 8, 2015     7 Comments
For non-smokers or those with smoke allergies, traveling in China is anything but easy. While industrial pollution is making the outside air unbearable in China, indoor air is no exception either. ...
Jun 15, 2015     6 Comments
Jake does things   1 day ago
A Landmark Ruling In The U.S
I dont aproove of that... while im not saying gay is not okay but while you can be gay if you want but... its just weird and why would anybody do it??

4Bs   2 days ago
A Planet Discovered By A 15-Year ...
Oh my gosh!!! SO cool! I LOVE space stuff!!! I want to be an astronaut when I am older. Did you know that in 2030 they are going to Mars! I would ...

jacie   1 year ago
Amazing Talking Bird
That is so amazing!!!

writer_girl_   3 years ago
Charming Piano Duo
That was super cute!!!!! I really think they can play.