They drowned, dreaming of Europe. Over 700+ illegal migrants had crammed into a 70 ft long boat last Sunday, to make a treacherous journey from the poor war-torn regions of Africa, f...
Apr 20, 2015     13 Comments
As bizarre as it sounds, it is true. We’ve all experienced times when we’ve tried oh-so-hard to remember particular details, but come up with a total blank. ...
Apr 20, 2015     14 Comments
What would Sudan the white rhino have in common with the president of a country, a Hollywood celebrity or even a notorious prisoner? Answer – personal security guard...
Apr 20, 2015     9 Comments
Look around you and you may find someone who may look a little different. Before judging them, why not take a moment to get to know them? According to the CDC, approximate...
Apr 20, 2015     5 Comments
Tryn28   1 day ago
Can Remembering Make You Forget?
an announcement: from henceforth, I will not use the word awesome

Tdawg   1 day ago
California: The Golden State ...
I can't believe we might not have any water!!!!!

Aditya08   1 day ago
Meet The World's Oldest Person...
Wow! That is really old! Imagine where she's been and seen.

BookLover15   1 day ago
Sudan - A Unique White Rhino
It is kind of scary and weird that there are so few white rhinos in the world.