In the early hours of May 19, an Egypt Air flight disappeared over the Greek islands. Egypt Air Flight 804 was on its way from Paris, France to Cairo, Egypt. The pilot had made contact with air ...
May 23, 2016     
Imagine making up scary stories at night or shouting across the playground to your friends. Or chatting with your buddies in the cafeteria and even listening to your teacher and answering her ...
May 23, 2016     
Last month was one of the hottest on Earth in years. Your craving to just eat ice-cream, surround yourself with cold soft drinks and stay indoors under the air conditioners and fans was completely ...
May 23, 2016     
Sometimes genius is born in the most unlikely of places... Imagine a small town in south India in late 19th century. A town where the latest advances in Mathematics that were taking place in ...
May 23, 2016     
By Sruthi, 11 Years
By Sruthi, 11 Years
By Flash, 13
By Lauren, Age Unknown
Fire sky   1 day ago
Zika And Brain Growth: The ...
If this virus becomes a pandemic then we are all in trouble

semisdebeste   1 day ago
Islands Disappear Under The Sea
Wow this is very cool. I really like this!!!

4Bs   3 days ago
Thousands Flee Fire In Canada
oh no. I hope that we can get wildfires under control

Tryn28   1 week ago
Are We Living In An Age Of Anxiety?
My family was driving on the highway in a busy city, and we noticed this semi with gigantic bags of liquid being driven by three arabic guys. we were ...