April 15, 2013 is a day Boston will not forget. Boston's annual marathon which attracts runners from around the world became the site of a deadly terror attack. T...
Apr 21, 2014     6 Comments
Every year, the month of April means spring break. It means hunting for brightly painted eggs, celebrating Passover or Earth day. But did you know that April is also Mathematics Awar...
Apr 20, 2014     4 Comments
It is the single deadliest accident on the mountain. Thirteen local Nepalese guides were killed last week when a huge block of ice broke off Mt. Everest.  The local g...
Apr 21, 2014     8 Comments
We all know how gripping a puzzle can be, and the thrill of finally cracking it. However, one unsolved puzzle has continued to haunt and taunt puzzlers, more specifically cryptograph...
Apr 20, 2014     1 Comments
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FuzzUzzle   5 hours ago
Easter And Passover Are Here!
I ate enough for an adult man ;_;

supernova   6 hours ago
The Runaway Baseball
Great! Is it a true story?

adella   6 hours ago
Eiffel Tower Celebrates 125 Years
My sister went to France, too. I really wanted to go to, (begged and begged). I was only like five though.

Snickers   7 hours ago
A Disaster On Mount Everest
I started it once but never finished. was it any good?